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Items Accepted

Non-Ferrous Metals

Ferrous Metals

Short Steel (listed as #2 HMS) must be at least ¼-inch think and at least 36 inches or less in length. Shocks, filters, and roofing tin do not qualify as short steel.

Car Buying

Effective March 1st 2022, ALL vehicles will now require a title or a receipt for a title from the DMV in the seller's name to buy.

Must be lien free.

No matter the year of the vehicle we must have the title in the seller's name.

If you do not have the title in your name you may go to the DMV and get a junk title in your name. We will buy the vehicle off the receipt you get at the DMV ONLY if you have our mailing address listed to receive the title.

We will no longer accept bill of sales of any kind for vehicles of any year, you must have a title in your name.

Call us for more questions on car buying!

Items Not Accepted