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Items Accepted

Non-Ferrous Metals

Ferrous Metals

Short Steel (listed as #2 HMS) must be at least ¼-inch think and at least 36 inches or less in length. Shocks, filters, and roofing tin do not qualify as short steel.

Car Buying

Cars 20 years and older we can buy on just a bill of sale (Form 1957). We need the seller's info, VIN, make, and year of car. The bill of sale needs to be made out by the person selling us the car.

For cars 19 years and newer, we MUST have the actual title in the seller's name. Your name has to be on the front of the title and not just signed on the back. If you do not have the title in your name, you can go to the DMV and get a junk title in your name. These junking certificates cost $2.50.

If you, the seller, have a salvage license, we do not need anything from you — we just need to have the salvage license on file. If you have a dealer's license, we need a copy on file and the same rules apply. But the title does not need to be in the dealer's name — just signed on the back.

Call us for more questions on car buying!

Items Not Accepted